Storage 100 Liter Stainless Steel Water Tank / Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank

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Storage 100 Liter Stainless Steel Water Tank / Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank
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Material: WOODEN BOX, SUS304/316
Power: 220/380v
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support, Field installation, commissioning and training, Online support
Name: stainless steel water tank
Application: Storage
Capacity: 100L
Thickness: 2.00mm
Height, mm: 650
Width, mm: 450
証明: CE/ISO
Keywords: drinking water filter system
Power supply: 220 / 380V
証明: CE/ISO
Packaging Details: 100 liter stainless steel water tank/stainless steel water pressure tank is packed in woodencase or protection warp carton.
Product Description

100 liter stainless steel water tank/stainless steel water pressure tank

CHUNKE presents an affordable and durable solution for you water storage problems, Introducing SS

water tank (Stainless steel water tank ), The ultimate water storage solution for your application. Made

from high quality stainless steel SUS 304 or SUS 316 and food grade material. It also prevents bacterial

growth. Special anti radiation coating moderates the temperature of water even during summer. Our SS

tanks is well-known in market with no maintenance cost. Using high quality stainless steel, it gives superior resistance.

SS Water tank – Easy to install and easy to maintenance. It also leak, break, and fire proof and give you

full security. Its free from toxin, bacteria, fungus, allergy, insects, chemicals and contamination. It provides hygienic and clear through the year. SS tanks provide crystal clear drinking water.

Chunke Water Tanks Specifications


The multi-media water filter systems operate for much longer periods of time (five or more times as long at the same filtration rate) before backwashing is necessary because the bed can hold more turbidity. Turbidity is trapped and held throughout the entire bed depth, rather than the top one or two inches.

Multi-media filtration is much better suited for use in a closed pressure tank since cracking of the bed, and subsequent breakthrough of turbidity is virtually eliminated and the need for visual inspection is unnecessary. The use of pressure tanks (rather than open basins or filters) is an obvious advantage for point-of-use filtration and could also be of real importance in the filtration of small community water supplies. More rapid filtration flow rates in multi-media filtration allow the use of smaller diameter tanks with equal or better results. A very high degree of clarity is achieved in the filtered water because of the fact that the finer particles of garnet at the bottom trap finer turbidity particles.

Another important advantage is that multi-media water filters can clarify water at a much higher flow rate than a single-media sand filter. This is 14 to 15 gpm per square foot of bed area, as compared to 2 gpm per square foot of bed area. This is a very important difference in the production of filtered water.

Filter Media Types:

1. Manganese Greensand media is treated siliceous material for treating water containing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide through oxidation.

2. Anthracite is recommended as a filter medium where additional silica in the water is not desirable and can remove lighter weight turbidity. Anthracite is typically used in applications where silica pick-up is undesireable.
3. ProSand is based on a rare natural mineral. Its unique properties radically improve the performance and cost of media filtration.
4. Calcite media is specially graded calcium carbonate compound for neutralizing acid with consistent dissolving rates for water treatment.

5. Filter AG is non-hydrous silicon dioxide with many advantages for the reduction of suspended matter.
6. Activated carbon medium is used to remove taste, odor, organic contaminants, and chlorine as well as being used in many drinking water applications.

7. Sand is the most common filter media. Generally, fine mesh sand is coupled with a course grain support bed to remove suspended solids and turbidity. Graded in various ranges, CHUNKE sand can be used as filtration medium or underbedding depending on particle size and application.

8. Gravel has a highly spherical shape that promotes good flow and even distribution in support beds.

9. Multimedia is required when maximum quality water is required and unwanted sediment is too small to be removed by standard media. It consists of multiple layers of increasing grain size to remove sediment as small as 10 microns.

Industry Application

1. Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment
2. Chemical & Petrochemical
3. Dairy
4. Drinking Water
5. Food and Beverage
6. Liquid Desalination
7. Electronics
8. Fuel Material Extraction
9. Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
10. Pulp & Paper
11. Wastewater Reuse/Recycled Water
12. Power Generation
13. Industrial Water Treatment

Packaging & Shipping

Our Services

We have experienced and well educated team to understand customer demand and solve their problems. At the project, we can send our engineers to customer side.

Company Information



Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: Yes, we are a manufacture with designing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting.We have experience over 20 years.Our plant is 3000m³.

Q: What's the information you need to know before order?
A: what's your raw water ?
B: what's the capacity per hour of the equipment ?
C: What’s the application of purifier water ?

Q:Which machine should I choose?
A:It depends on your raw water quality and your requirements.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 40% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 15-30 days, Depends on your project.

Q:How can you control the quality and delivery?
A:Production strictly according to CE / ISO standards.
B:All our machines will be tested before packaging. wooden packaing is strong and safety for long delivery.

Q:What’s your warranty?
A:Our warranty is 1 year. But normally, our machine can work 5 years before repair.


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